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Setting the bar at a low level

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 at 8:22 am

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We’re not ones to kiss and tell. Sometimes you just have to get something off your chest and to clear the mind don’t you?

Well just the other day we had a call come in.

We thought it odd as it seemed to be a competitor (and they usually just nosey on the website and then run for cover).

Now we’re always happy to collaborate and share ideas and look at ways we can improve what we do for the good of our clients. So having missed the call initially, we called back.

In the meantime we had a nosey at their website, got a grip of what they did and could see they offered very similar services to ours without the consultative value and cherry on top.

So the call back went something like this…

*ring ring… ring ring* (that went on for a bit with lines tripping to other lines)


We then said who we were trying to get in touch with.

“Who?… Oh yeah. Errrr….oh ok” *click* (we guessed we were on hold… but that didn’t happen for 20 seconds or so in which time we heard a grunt, a shuffling of paper and general movement!)

*click*… international dial tone, long dial out, through to mobile voicemail.

I spy, with my little eyes, an online survey company that didnt make a very good impression beginning with…… Q