What are white label surveys?

Depending on who your audience is and the reason for undertaking a survey, we might propose a white label survey... what's that we hear you ask.

White label surveys are when we attach no branding to a survey orour own identity to conduct research on your behalf. It depends on the situation mind you.

Sometimes its better to white label a survey so that we get a higher response rate or the company that we are delivering the survey for are not seen to cloud the campaign.

Sometimes we work with a host of companies to deliver one survey and it just looks messy to have everyones branding attached to the survey. Its something we'll discuss up front with you.

Whether we brand the survey in your style and design, whether its a co-branded survey or whether we badge it as coming direct from us. Whatever helps get the highest and best response for you... and that's the point isn't it?

For more information on our white label surveys, get in touch today.